Skip Hop 香港 Sale PlaySpot

Product Description

Skip Hop 香港 PlaySpot

Playspot is an innovative soft floor surface that keeps your child comfortable and happy, while complementing your home's decor. Unlike other foam tiles that are only safety-rated for children 3 and up, Playspot is designed, tested and manufactured for children of all ages. Easy to put together, you can configure it in endless ways to fit your style. Innovative smooth EVA foam surface Safety-rated for all ages Oversized 14" x 14" tiles mean extra-large play space Customize the size: use 4 tiles or all 20. Even add more sets!

Create many different designs inner circles can be switched

Solid Playspot finished

size (20 tiles, in inches): 70l x 56w x 5h

所有由BabyPark出售的Skip Hop香港貨品是總代理的原裝全新行貨,所有售賣的貨品可享14免費售後保證更換,詳情請按這裡

Pink/Brown (20 tiles)
Blue/ Gold (20 tiles)
Brights (20 tiles)
Green/ Brown (20 tiles)
Multimix (20 tiles)
Blue/ Green (20 tiles)
GREY/CREAM EU (20 tiles)
Zoo (12 tiles)
Bold Brights (12 tiles)
UpLift Multi-Level Bouncer - Grey- EU

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