Nattou Rocker Donkey Cappuccino

Product Description

A gorgeous and fun ‰Û÷donkey‰۪ rocker for your toddler to play on. It has taken a traditional toy ‰ the rocking horse ‰ and given it a modern twist. The result is this adorable donkey that is cute and fun in equal measure. You can look on as your child has hours of fun on this great toy. The donkeys‰۪s ears are great for hanging on to, although the seat does come complete with a safety harness. It is a very stable rocking toy and the wooden base has stoppers on it to prevent it from toppling over. Not only will your little one love playing on this rocker it will also help develop their motor skills. This Rocker is just one product in Nattou‰۪s range of gorgeous, fun and exciting nursery furnishings and soft toys. So whether you are trying to create that perfect look and feel for your baby‰۪s nursery or find that snuggly soft toy that your child will cherish for years to come, then this range has loads to choose from.

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